Sheet Metal Self Clinching Fasteners

Here at Electra we stock a wide range of self clinching fasteners in both mild steel (zinc plated) and stainless steel. Self clinching fasteners provide strong load bearing male/female threads when inserted into sheet steel or aluminium.

Self clinch studs and self clinch nuts work by utilising the same principle. The fasteners incorporate a knurled platform under the head (stud) / spigot (nut). When embedded into the sheet metal under pressure it displaces material into the clinch ring securing the fastener firmly in place. The success of the fastener relies on the correct insertion process. It is important a parallel squeezing force is applied for the correct duration of time for successful installation.


High torque and push out performance
Efficient and economical assembly
Prevents damage to decorative finish on sheet material
Installs flush with surface of sheet material

Stand Offs

Through standoffs Blind standoffs Snaptop standoffs Alternative body

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Rivet Bushes and Clinch Nuts

Clinch Nuts Flush Nuts Blind clinch nuts Mini clinch nuts Floating

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Panel Fasteners

Panel fasteners Low profile panel fasteners Phillips head panel

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Rivet Nuts

Flat head Thin sheet/Reduced head Thin sheet hexagon body Countersunk

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Clinch Studs

Flush head Reduced head High strength Size range: M2.5 to M10

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Weld Studs

Copper flashed weld studs Stainless steel weld studs Size range

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